November 3rd 2018: International Annual Meeting for wingwave-Coaches

On the first weekend in November, the International Annual Conference for short-term coaching for qualified wingwave-coaches takes place from the 3rd - 5th of November 2018 at the Hafen Hotel in Hamburg. This years topic is:

„to be of value“

admission: 09.30 - start: 10.00 - end: 18.00 


Our personal set of values is one of the most important sources of motivation for the way we think, feel and act: what is important in my life, what are my fellow men and women getting involved in and how do the two fit together? How valuable am I myself or is my work, can I and may I realise my dreams, my potential and my goals? Our annual conference looks at these questions with the topics “Money Coaching”, “the Religion of Money”, “Value Coaching and Relationships”, “Self-esteem Coaching” and “Self-image Coaching” - also very specifically using your own appearance.



Program, saturday 03. November 2018

Dr. Gerhard Schwarz

Topic: "The Religion of Money"  

Don for the topic "Philosophy of Religion"

Leadership and presentation of the congress

  • Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund are licensed psychotherapist, developer of the wingwave® method, wingwave Master Trainer, NLP Master Trainer (DVNLP) the owner Besser-Siegmund-Institute, Hamburg.
  • Moderation: Lola Siegmund (Business Psychology (B.A., Coaching/ Training), wingwave® Master Trainer, NLP Master Trainer (DVNLP), CEO Besser-Siegmund-Institute, Hamburg.) Lola Siegmund will guide you through the program.


Tagungsgebühr 03. November 2018

Participants who are members of the wingwave® quality circle: € 100.00 (incl. VAT) including conference package. Participants who are not members of the wingwave® quality circle: € 200.00 (incl. VAT) including conference package. Because the number of participants is limited, we recommend a punctual registration.

The Annual Conference includes a rich and tasty lunch buffet. Little break snacks, softdrinks and coffee is included in the price.




Hotel Hafen Hamburg
  • All events take place from the 11.-13. November 2017 at Hotel Hafen Hamburg, Seewartenstraße 9, 20459 Hamburg, Tel. +49(0)40 / 31 11 3 - 0, Fax +49(0)40 / 31 11 3 - 70 601, E-Mail: info@hotel-hamburg.dewww.hotel-hafen-hamburg.de

Registartion annual meeting 03. November 2018


The annual meeting takes place on the 03. November 2018 at the Hafen Hotel Hamburg. undefinedregistration here 


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