wingwave Coaching Congress 2021

Into the new decade: 20 years of wingwave!


The international wingwave Coaching Congress for wingwave coaches will take place at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg and online on the 1st weekend of November, from 6th to 7th November 2021!

2021 is a special year - not only because wingwave is celebrating its 20th anniversary - but also because of the moto that we chose: "Being in touch!"

Due to the worldwide pandemic we all realised the importance of interpersonal proximity. We call this "Being in touch" experience "humanoline".

The renowned neurologist and professor Manfred Spitzer will be giving the opening speech about this topic.


wingwave and „Being in touch“

In the specification seminar we will train "resources for systems with wingwave".

This year again we decided to organise this year’s international congress both online and on site-due to the worldwide coronavirus situation.  We hope to be able to have even more participants from other countries this way. Like in 2020, a on-site participation for about 50 wingwave coaches in possible - we are please to welcome you in the beautiful Hotel Hafen Hamburg with its view on the Elbe river. Just in case that the pandemic situation eases off in November 2021, we can expand and adapt our concept easily.

Professor Manfred Spitzer, one of the luminaries in the field of neurology, will be giving an interesting speech about why "being in touch" is essential for survival and why loneliness can be lethal.

Apart from the topics "being in touch" and "humanonline" we will be taking up the issues "systemical spotting", haptic coaching and once more "Embodiment", which hoepfully we will be able to realize more intensively than in 2020.

Presence seats and English simultaneous translation

The aforementioned 50 seats on-site will be only avaible for those who book both days of the Congress and will be allocated on a first come, first serve vasis. Nevertherless, the will be a waiting list since the regulations can be changed anytime!

*BY THE WAY* Those that register for both days of the congress (doesn't matter if it is online or on-site) until 01.08.2021 will get an early butterfly discount of 80€.

The Hotel Hafen Hamburg guarantees a proven protection and hygiene concept.

The will be a simultaneous translation from German to English on both congress days.

If a minimum of 8 persons registers until 01.10.2021 for one certain language, we will offer a simultaneous translation into the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Serbocroatian
  • Romanian
  • Hungarian

Speaker "Being in touch"

Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer

Renowned neurologist, psychologist and scientist

Dipl.-Psych. Cora Besser-Siegmund

6.-7. November 2021: Program and moderation

Dipl.-Psych. Harry Siegmund

6.-7. November 2021: Program and moderation

Lola A. Siegmund, B.A.

6.-7. November 2021: Program and moderation

Barbara Kuster

Analyst of facial expressions, behaviour profiler, wingwave® coach

Daniela Schlemm

Laban/Bartenieff movement analyst, expert in body language, wingwave® coach

Frank Weiland, M. Sc. (Psychologie & Sportpsychologe)

PhD student at the German Sport University Cologne, supervision of the topic coaching in competitive sports

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Klatt geb. Hüttermann

Junior professor for attention research in sports games at the Institute for Training Science and Sports Informatics at the German Sport University Cologne

Dr. Marco Rathschlag

High Performance Coach for entrepreneurs and top athletes and lecturer at the German Sport University in Cologne

Impressions from International Coaching Congress 2019