Coaching – cases

For peak performance: Giving a speech

A CEO prepares for an important speech in front of a large audience. For this kind of cooperation between coach and coachee, it should be assumed that the speech itself is well-prepared in terms of content. During his speech, the coachee wants to convey himself as convincing and eloquent and also wants to prepare himself to react with good arguments on critical questions. more

For peak athletic performance

A ping pong player prepares for an important tournament in the highest national league. She is perfectly prepared from a technical point of view. But she would like to improve her mental state for the match; she wants to be able to react very fast, be flexible and infallible, especially in critical moments such as netballs. more

For problems within a management team

A successful executive and head of a department learns that the publishing house he is working for was bought by a large competitor. He also discovers that a new leadership concept will be introduced: from now on there will be “tandem” leadership. He will share the responsibility for his department with another executive from the new publishing house. more

Overcome learning barriers

Twelve year-old Marcel introduces himself to Christa-Maria Rebien, educational therapist, in her office with the following words: “I have a book phobia.” Marcel doesn’t like to take a book into his hands and just barely manages to get by with what he learns during class. This is a cause for concern since he might not be admitted to the next class. more

Treating dental anxiety

A 45 year-old woman has been afraid of dentists for many years. She insisted on getting an anesthetic even for painless or only slightly painful treatments. But her preferred method was to put off dental visits for as long as possible. Then she found a new dentist, Dr. Susanne Walz, (see list for German wingwave trainer addresses) who is trained in hypnosis for dentists and wingwave coaching. more