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We recommend the following title as an informative introduction: "Wingwave Coaching – Like the Beat of a butterfly`s Wings". This book was published in 2019. As well as an extensive description of the method, it also contains lots of self-coaching tips and a wingwave training CD. 

You can buy the wingwave basic book and other publications by Cora Besser-Siegmund, Lola A. Siegmund and Harry Siegmund in the wingwave shop and of course, in any good bookstore

Selfcoaching music

Wingwave selfcoaching music has an optimum relaxing effect when listened to with headphones. When measured with the Porta-Bioscreen device it becomes apparent that a clear sense of relaxation occurs after just five minutes of listening. The wingwave music has a harmonising and calming effect on the sides of the brain. That explains why the compositions are helpful not only for general relaxation but also for activities such as learning by heart or taking part in sport: the effect supports cognitive and behavioural stamina and wellbeing.

You can get all wingwave music albums on CD or MP3 downloads straight from the wingwave shop beziehen - and listen to samples, too. Here you can also find all self-coaching information and exercises for the different wingwave albums, which are also all composed differently.

Or simply download the wingwave app onto your smartphone (IOS and Android) and get the wingwave music there.


The teaching DVD on wingwave coaching (In German) is of interest to wingwave coaches and can support them in their own work.

The ‘offvertising videos’ on the topic ‘Make food cravings a thing of the past’ are available to download for your self-coaching.

You can find the teaching DVD and ‘offvertising videos’ in the wingwave shop.