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11.How does the wingwave coaching "Work-Health Balance" work? 
How does the wingwave coaching "Work-Health Balance" work? wingwave "Work-Health Balance" coaching familiarises you with methods from behaviour psychology that enhance your health and… 
12.wingwave UK and IRL 
Your Trainer in England Caroline Rushforth Coach and Trainer of Wingwave in the UK Hove, Brighton, East Sussex Tel: +44 7881 998 816 Mob: +44 1273 583 987 Email:… 
13.All training dates 
All training dates  
14.Certification by the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) 
Certification by the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) Since 31.08.2018 the wingwave®-coach-formation and the corresponding wingwave®-quality circle are worldwide verified by the Technical… 
15.Coach contract (template) 
Coach contract The wingwave coach contract can be viewed here. This is just a template, not a quotation. Coach contract (template)  
16.Teaching trainer addresses 
Teaching trainer addresses  
17.Quality circle 
Quality circle Upon successful completion and signing of the wingwave-coach-contract the training participant will be a member of the wingwave quality circle of the Besser-Siegmund-Institut GmbH… 
18.Educational program 
Plenary meeting Possibilities and limits of wingwave coaching The wingwave network wingwave and research, Verein Gesellschaft für Neurolinguistisches Coaching e.V. (Association for Neurolinguistic… course content 
Training course content Participants The four-day training to become a wingwave coach is aimed at professional trainers, therapists and coaches. It is a module which complements your completed… 
Finalist for the Coaching Award In the year 2014 wingwave was nominated for the Association for Business Psychology’s Workforce Experience Awards in the category “excellence in Coaching or… 
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