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"Ukraine Help" for the displaced people with a perspective to stay

In view of the current situation of people who have fled Ukraine, the Society for Neurolinguistic Coaching GNLC has launched a project called "Ulkraine Help". The association wants to provide these displaced people with the prospect of staying in a German-speaking country with psychological support in coping with their new life situation. The offer is a stress management coaching for the processing of past experiences and the building of courage, confidence and determination for a future-affirming life plan. The offer serves the purpose of "empowerment", it is not psychotherapy and can neither replace psychotherapy nor any necessary medical treatment. Over the past 20 years, the wingwave coaching method has proven to be a highly effective and, above all, anxiety-reducing anti-stress procedure for particularly stressful, externally-influenced experiences.

Together with a number of coaches trained in this method who would like to volunteer in German-speaking countries, the non-profit association offers refugees coaching free of charge. Either the refugee client knows the English language or we try to organise a translator together. In any case, the effect of the coaching unfolds through the targeted use of the respective client's native language.

The topics of this Coaching could, for example, be:

  • Distressing or life-threatening experiences in the native country or during the escape
  • Concern for the people or incidents in the native country
  • Homesickness, pain of loss
  • Difficult situations upon arrival in Germany, such as, conditions in the camps
  • Humanly difficult situations with authorities, officials and other refugees etc.
  • Future topics: learning a new language, looking for work, children going to a new school,  new neighborhood
  • Desires and goals, which the clients want to achieve

    The coaching offered by GNLC Refugee Aid comprises one to two sessions of 50 minutes each. The client always decides for himself or herself which issues concern him or her the most in order to be able to rebuild a supporting inner balance for shaping his or her future.

    To find the volunteering Coaches

    • Refer to the list of the Members of GNLC on its Homepage
    • Go to the Coachfinder