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29. Januar 2024 – 2. Februar 2024, England

wingwave®-Advanced Kompaktausbildung

wingwave®-Advanced Kompaktausbildung

We are very pleased that we can now also offer you the training to become a wingwave- Master Coach in English language!

The training and the seal have been available in Germany for three years and now the first Master's training in Spanish language took place for this degree in May 2022.
The training takes place in two modules, each of which lasts five days. Included are many effective tools of the wingwave specialization areas, with which you can offer wingwave even more targeted and effective to your coaching customers.

After the first module you will already get the degree "wingwave Coach advanced" and for both modules there is the seal "wingwave Master Coach".

The contents of the training modules for the wingwave Master Coach:

Module 1: wingwave Advanced Degree: Successful Systems

  • Coaching for the "inner team"
  • Coaching for the "inner child"
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Leadership and intercultural competence
  • Master Testing

wingwave-Advanced  Degree 2: Unfolding potential

  • Coaching tools for health and the immune system
  • Performance-Coaching
  • Dealing constructively with change
  • Resourcen  Coaching
  • Master-Testing

For each module you will already receive a certificate. Each module ends in the training week on Friday afternoon with a written  testing. If two modules have been completed, you will receive the quality seal: "wingwave Master Coach".

Lola Ananda Siegmund
Besser-Siegmund-Institut GmbH
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